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Down the Rabbit Hole

Quick! Fast like a Bunny!

31 August 1985
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Well, let's see... I'm 22. (Ah! I'm a grown-up! When did that happen?) I am female and gloriously so! I despise cat-callers and hecklers. Yes, I do have large breasts, you don't need to point it out, I promise. Despite this, I am heterosexual (more or less), as far as I have experianced. I like the boys! I just think that they should be kept in cages and only brought out when needed to perpetuate an already overly expanded spieces.

I write fan-fiction (for the uninformed, that's stories based on other people's work) on fanfiction.net under the pen name EreshkigalGirl (like my email address)-- fantacy and sci-fi are my genres. Big fan of Laurill K. Hamilton, Joss Whedon, and therefor Buffy and all that she stands for, Firefly/Serenity, and anything else that involves not being in the world right this second. Actually, my big hope and goal is to get published. I just need to write somehting original that's really good, first.

Little siblings scare me. Got two of 'em. Finally away at college, a full 4 hour drive from home. Go UE Purple Aces! I hate purple. It hurts my eyes and gives me a headache. Don't ask, just accept the fact that I'm insane. Red's my favorite color. Actually, it's more burgundy, or that color you get when you put black mesh over red satin. That's about it. I'm just me, pretty much.

Many icons, by many sources. I will try to credit all, but sometimes, quite honestly, I forget.
"icon by fire_and_a_rose"
other icons by dustbunnygirl at amandawannabe.tripod.com/.......anna_bolina.....and purty_iconess http://www.livejournal.com/users/death_of_dreams/
Also, some self-made ones.